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I'll admit that I'm not actively collecting cels at the moment. I've taken a year off work to write, and extra money isn't exactly among my assets right now. ^_^ It's certainly not because I don't adore production artwork any more!

However, there are some wishlist items so dear to my heart that I could be tempted out of "cel retirement" to acquire them. If you have any of these and you don't mind parting with it, could you please let me know?

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Bakuretsu Hunters
Zaha Torte, shirtless and spellcasting Very High
Fruits Basket
Akito whispering in Hatori's ear High
Full Metal Alchemist
Edward offering to trade his life to Scar for Al's High
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2 - Greed Island
Killua and Gon when they sense they're being ogled by Hisoka High
Pan sketch of Hisoka's nekkid, tattoo-free backside High
Hunter x Hunter TV 13-20
Sleeping Gon trying to bite Killua's leg High
Hunter x Hunter TV 27-31
Hisoka whispering in Kurapica's ear High
Hunter x Hunter TV 50-62
"Imagine two Hisokas sitting over there..." High
Hisoka with his hair down and whiskey in hand High
Kyo Kara Maoh
A good production sketch of Yuri as the Demon King Very High
A good production sketch of any primary character High
One Piece
Luffy holding up the doctor's pirate flag High
Shanks rescuing chibi Luffy High
Outlaw Star
Ron MacDougall in the Shangri-La's navigation tank Very High
Valgaarv being transformed/killed by Gaarv (THIS IS MY KIDNEY CEL ^_^) Will Give Kidney

Curator: evilminion
Gallery Created: 12/3/2004
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